Moodring II
is an iteration of works developed in fall during a residency at Kunsthuis SYB
with works by Lucía Bayón Mendoza, Jake Caleb, Jamie Kane, Bernd Krauß, Lukas Meßner, Josie Perry, Petter Dahlstöm Persson, Daphne Simons, Yanik Soland, Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir

at Bree 13, Rotterdam, NL

December 1-3, 2019



         *Text from Invitation

         Installation view

         Dirk's Promise and Lemon Lightening Storm,
         Petter Dahlstöm Persson

         Meet the Zweifels (The IKEA-payback Series), Bernd Krauß

         Untitled, Jamie Kane

         Slash and Burn, Distrator, Jamie Kane

         Pastoral Scene, Jamie Kane

         Untitled, Yanik Soland

         Plasma Spring, Josie Perry and Daphne Simons

         all desireable conditions, 2 channel audiopiece,
         Lukas Meßner and Lucía Bayón Mendoza

         Slippage Dim, Lukas Meßner

         Or Prognostication Forever, poem hunt, Jake Caleb